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Helping Employees Get The Credit They Deserve

We believe in the power of people – your people. We help good businesses like yours generate a 650% increase in Positive Reviews by focusing on your employees because we know it all begins and ends with your team. So we’re here to help you – and them!

Promotes Five Star Service

Monitors employee ratings in real time to help you promote positive customer engagement at all times.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Email Reports

Compare how your employees are being rated by your customers and coach your bottom performers immediately.

Multiple Location Monitoring

Whether you have 1 location or 1000, we make it easy for you to monitor your employees and promote positive reviews.

How valuable is 1 Star?

You probably already figured out that the more positive reviews you have, the more customers you will get. Below are some facts that show the significance that reviews have on businesses.

  • A recent study on Dental Offices showed that having a large volume of recent positive reviews generated a 20% increase in New Patients and 40% increase in Recall rates vs. offices that did not show these characteristics.
  • A Harvard study on restaurants showed that a difference of 1 star can translate to 9% in sales.
  • Volkswagen conducted a study that showed its dealerships with average reviews of 4 stars and higher got 32% more traffic than those with 2 stars and below.
  • Research at The Hotel School at Cornell University showed that a hotel can raise its price by 11.2% without negativley affecting sales, if it's rated 1 star higher.

Five Star Service

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"We vetted out many review companies and RateMe was the best solution because it allows our business and district managers to monitor employee ratings in real time. If they notice someone underperforming they're able to course correct immediately!"

Mark R. Marketing Director Dynamic Healthcare


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